Chromatography Accessories and Supplies

Tubing and Capillaries

All ARE-Applied Research™ brand tubing is extruded from virgin materials manufactured by the original manufacturer of each material. We do not allow substitutes or low cost additives in our raw materials.


ARE-Applied Research™ brand chromatography fittings are manufactured from different materials for both high and low pressure applications. We take a pride in our work and make sure that we only use the finest materials available.

Filters and Frits

All of ARE-Applied Research™ brand metal filters and frits are manufactured and designed to your specifications.

HPLC Columns

Choose between ARE-Applied Research™ brand PEEK HPLC column and packing accessory line in many different dimensions for many different applications.


When working in Chromatography you will need a kaleidoscope of tools. ARE-Applied Research™ brands offer you all the tools you are looking for HPLC.


ARE-Applied Research brand of mobile phase solvent delivery caps and leak proof tubing for mobile phases.

For a complete list of ARE-Applied Research™ products, visit the MicroSolv website by clicking HERE