Filters and Frits

Biocompatible Filter Discs

ARE-Applied Research™ offers a range of biocompatible frits to satisfy the needs of all chromatographers.

SS Filter Discs

All of ARE-Applied Research™ brand SS filter discs are manufactured from SS316L (DIN 1.4435).

Hastelloy Filter Discs

ARE- Applied Research™ brand Hastelloy C22 filter discs and frits.

Solvent Filter SS

ARE-Applied Research™ brand offers a range of solvent filters with different types of tube connection manufactured from SS 316L (DIN 1.4435).

Solvent Filters Polymer

For biocompatible use ARE-Applied Research™ brand offers a range of in-line and solvent filters made of PEEK and / or titanium.

PoroMet Filters

For the demanding preparative application ARE-Applied Research™ brand line of woven and sintered filter discs.