Tubing and Capillaries

PEEK Tubing

All of ARE-Applied Research™ brand PEEK tubing is extruded from virgin PEEK for optimal results in Chromatography.

PEEK FlexiTube™

ARE-Applied Research™ brand FlexiTube uses only the finest PEEK tubing. Save space and add a pulse dampening effect.

PEEK and SS Sample Loops

All of ARE-Applied Research™ brand PEEK and SS sample loops are manufactured with the tightest tolerances possible.

SS Tubing and Precut Tubing

When working with tubing it is the most important to have nicely cut tube ends for maximum performance. This is imperative for making a good connection. We suggest to use ARE-Applied Research™ brand pre-cut stainless steel or PEEK tubing for your lab.

PTFE Tube/Reaction Coils

ARE-Applied Research™ brands offers a range of reaction coils for low-pressure application made of PTFE. Use with post column reactors, as mass spec delay tubes or any use requiring PTFE tubing in coils.


ARE-Applied Research™ brand low pressure tubing for lab use uses only the finest grade of raw materials for the manufacturing of fluor-polymeric tubing.